Our Mission

Carboncopies is a foundation supporting research in Whole Brain Emulation. Research includes the reverse engineering of neural tissue, complete brains, and development of neuroprostheses. These areas focus on reproducing functions of the mind. The goal is to develop Whole Brain Emulation technology through our research. Advancements in neuroscience, biotechnology, brain imaging, AI, computational hardware, and nanotechnology need to occur. Advancements in cognitive psychology and philosophy are also primary areas of research. Our organization’s areas of focus are:

  • Technology roadmaps to map out WBE engineering challenges
  • Reviewing literature and media conversations about mind uploading
  • Scientific collaborations to create stepping-stone technologies

Carboncopies wants to increase awareness of Substrate-Independent Minds among the public. We plan to educate the public by hosting conferences and providing informational material. We encourage forward thinking individuals to take part and join our volunteer team.