External Events

We have a presence at the following upcoming events:

  • Singularity University, 19th June - 28th August 2010

  • Rutgers University Singularity Studies, June - August 2010

  • CNS2010 workshop on High-throughput 3D microscopy and
    high-performance computing for multi-scale
    modeling and simulation of large-scale neuronal circuits

  • Singularity Summit 2010 14th-15th August, San Francisco

  • ASIM-IRL-2010, Satellite conference to Singularity Summit 2010
    16th-17th August, San Francisco

  • Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2010, 13-17th November, San Diego.

  • AGI-2011 Fourth conference on Artificial General Intelligence - Time & Place TBA

Please see the Internal Workshops page for events organised by the carboncopies organisation