TEDxTallinn Introducing Concrete SIM in Estonia, 4 May, 2012

Speaking at TEDxTallinn in Estonia on 4 May, 2012, carboncopies.org introducedreasons for and practical endeavors towards SIM.

Quote: TEDxTallinn 2012 "Shift" will take place on the 4th of May 2012.

"Shift" is change in a system, which occurs during its operation. A change in behavior, way of thinking, perception. "Shift" is a qualitative change. It's about acting or thinking differently, rather then doing more or less of something.

Estonia, a member country of the European Union with an unusually small population of only 1.34 million is a technological forerunner in the region, and similarly, a social and cultural pioneer. Combining both, you get results such as these (source: Wikipedia):

Estonia has pursued the development of the e-state and e-governmentInternet voting is used in elections in Estonia. The first Internet voting took place in the 2005 local elections and the first in a parliamentary election was made available for the 2007 elections, in which 30,275 individuals voted over the Internet. Voters have a chance to invalidate their electronic vote in traditional elections, if they wish to. In 2009 in its 8th Worldwide Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders ranked Estonia 6th out of 175 countries. In the first ever State of World Liberty Index report, Estonia was ranked 1st out of 159 countries.

The event was a smashing success, well organized, extremely well attended both on location an in a host of remote viewing locations all around Skandinavia.

by Tanel Rannala

The official video recording made by the TEDxTallinn organization is now available online:

You can find an article base on the TEDxTallinn 2012 talk here on carboncopies.org at: A Window of Opportunity.

Here is a slideshare of the TEDx slides that accompanied the talk.

And attached at the bottom of this page is an mp3 voice recording of a spoken rehearsal for this TEDx talk.

For more information about TEDxTallinn see: http://www.tedxtallinn.org/en/

Randal Koene,
May 8, 2012, 6:38 PM