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References in related scientific subject areas:

SIM: Substrate-independent Minds

Foundations: Pattern survival versus Gene survival (Randal A. Koene)

Foundations: Substrate-Independent Minds (Randal A. Koene)

Foundations: A Window of Opportunity (Randal A. Koene)

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SIM: Whole Brain Emulation

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Whole Brain Emulation: Roadmap (v1.0, 2007-2008, Future of Humanity Institute)

The Society of Neural Prosthetics and Whole Brain Emulation Science:

The Neural Prostheses Foundation investigating Transfer of Functions of the Mind: NeuralProstheses.Org

National Acadamy of Engineering's 14 "Grand Challenges for Engineering"Reverse-engineer the brain

Neuroscience: Large-Scale High-Resolution Brain Simulation and Neuroinformatics

Neurokernel: An open source platform for emulating the fruit fly brain: (Aurel Lazar)

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BlueBrain project (Henry Markram)

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Multi-Scale Object Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE): (Upinder S. Bhalla)

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Neuroscience: Large-Scale High-Resolution Brain Data Acquisition and Connectomics

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Whole-Brain Ultrastructural Mapping: (Shawn Mikula)

Mouse Brain Architecture Project: (Partha Mitra)

KESM: (Yoonsuck Choe, Todd Huffman)

Knife-Edge Scanning Microscope Brain Atlas:

Human Connectome Project:

Open Connectome Project: Whole-Brain Circuit Reconstruction project web site: (Shawn Mikula)

Synthetic Neurobiology Group: (Ed Boyden)

SFN BrainFacts:

Cracking the Neural Code, Third Annual Aspen Brain Forum (2012), Slides and Audio provided in the "Media" section:

The Virtual Brain Project:

: Neural Engineering (Ted Berger)
and the Center for Neural Engineering, Theodore W. Berger Labs at USC:

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BrainGate project (John Donoghue)

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Chris Eliasmith, Charles H. Anderson

Neuroscience: Basics

Koch, C. and Marcus, G. (2014). Cracking the Brain’s Codes: How does the brain speak to itself?, MIT Technology Review, June 17:

Eric R. Kandel,
James H. Schwartz,
Thomas M. Jessell,
Steven A. Siegelbaum,
A. J. Hudspeth

Thomas J. Anastasio

Christof Koch

Roland Baddeley, Peter Hancock, Peter Földiák

Computing Devices: Neuromimetics

The BioRC Biomimetic Real-Time Cortex Project (Alice Parker)
and summary on building brain emulation platforms: Challenges for Brain Emulation: Why is Building a Brain so Difficult? (Rick Cattell & Alice Parker)

Computing DevicesNeuromorphic Systems

Jennifer Hasler and Bo Marr (2013). Finding a roadmap to achieve large neuromorphic hardware systems. Frontiers in Neuroscience, Vol. 7, Article 118. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2013.00118

AI: Artificial General Intelligence

Foundations: Pavlov's AI - What did it mean? (Suzanne Gildert)

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ALCOR (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Philosophy of Mind: Consciousness

Abninder Litta, Chris Eliasmith, Frederick W. Kroona, Steven Weinstein, and Paul Thagarda (2006). Is the Brain a Quantum Computer? Cognitive Science, Vol.30, 593-603.

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Philosophy of Mind
: Qualia

Carroll, J. (2012). Epiphenomenalism, the Problem with Property Dualism. Presented this paper at the 2012 Conference of the Mormon Transhumanist Association