Carboncopies was founded in May of 2010 by Dr. Suzanne Gildert and Dr. Randal A. Koene.

Carboncopies.org is a non-profit organization that provides all manner of support to the scientific accomplishment of Substrate-Independent Minds (SIM). The organization came about as a necessary component of the strategic approach that was devised to address concrete big-picture objectives and problems. As conceived of by its founders, carboncopies.org is not a method or technology specific advocacy organization. It is an objective-oriented foundation supporting research, development, planning and communication.

Civilization has great value to us, members of the human species. Over millennia, improvements have been made, so that life and the experience of being is now by both quantitative and qualitative measures better than it has ever been. The individual likelihood of great suffering, debilitating disease, violent death, extreme poverty or utter enslavement has been decreasing and is lower than at any other time in history. As a result, we have more culture, more creativity expressed in art and invention, more scientific insight, and the luxury to contemplate and strive for ambitious goals and exhilarating future prospects.

At the same time, there are many inherent fragilities in civilization, thriving human survival, and the individual experience of existence. When we look at what those fragilities are and where they come from, we ultimately find that they are features of our development within a niche specific in time, environment and challenges.

Humanity has had to accept and often take for granted natural intellectual limitations, traumatic incidents & disease and the mental decline associated with the aging process. At the same time, people spend large amounts of money on nutritional supplements, meditation and relaxation therapies, and brain training software in an attempt to improve cognitive performance. We value our memories and great deal of time and effort is expended trying to safeguard that which is in our minds. But memories are fragile and can easily be lost.

The carboncopies foundation believes that technology can be developed and applied with the intent and ability to solve these problems.

We should address these issues and seek to reduce suffering and increase well-being. A promising approach toward this objective is the development of Substrate-Independent Minds (SIM). There are many scientific research fields dedicated to aspects of SIM. An important role of this foundation is to realistically assess each of these developments and to maintain a roadmap to help bring them to fruition.